Intelligent future


New Dutch Wave starts on Sunday 12 March with Intelligent Future day. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things will have a big impact on our future lives, starting here and now. That’s why we kickoff with an opening keynote by Danijel Bonacic (Dept) on the endless opportunities of smart machines and how this will change almost everything.

The ongoing digitization of our society and economy will also have a big impact on future work: on both blue and white collar jobs, and in developed as well as developing countries. With Leila Janah (Samasource) we explore the possibilities of dignified digital work.

To actually experience the opportunities of this intelligent future the opening keynotes are followed by a hands on IoT workshop by Thingscon, and in a parallel room we celebrate future talent with Surf the Wave, a start up competition by 15 Dutch startups in front of a jury of VC’s.


Media innovations


Monday is Media Innovations day. From 10 AM to 4PM we have 3 blocks with deep dives into VR/AR, media convergence between web and tv, and the enrichment of live events by adding more media value.


Experience design and design for society


Design Tuesday has two main angles: Design for Society and the future of UX Design. The Design for Society sessions demonstrate the true power of design in tackling societal challenges through design thinking and problem-solving. The challenges of creative professionals in UX Design: there is no doubt that today users are developing higher expectations when it comes to online user experience. As a result, UX designers continue to raise the bar and come up with new ways to create on- and offline experiences that are more engaging, more efficient, and more appealing, making use of as much senses as possible.


entertainment meets tech


In the last day of NDW the focus is on Entertainment. In this track we mainly focus on music and games. It’s about finding new business models, the use of new technologies in the music industry, and the empowerment of the consumer.


Creative wave


Creativity rules the waves in the New Dutch Wave house afternoons. A choise selection of Dutch and international interdisciplinary storytellers that effortlessly converge creative borders to find new ways to reach and touch the hearts and minds of their audience. Experiential designers, content makers, creative directors, entertainers, amplifiers and artists dive deep into what moves and connects people.