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The future of UX design

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The challenges of creative professionals in UX Design. There is no doubt that today users are developing higher expectations when it comes to online user experience. As a result, UX designers continue to raise the bar and come up with new ways to create on- and offline experiences that are more engaging, more efficient, and more appealing, making use of as much senses as possible.


A house without a home(page): why do websites continue to suck? - Jouke Vuurmans | Mediamonks

Despite the smart move from companies of investing millions in the digital space, the cornerstone of digital ecosystems, the website, is in need of help. Dot.coms today look awful. Offering a ton of information but little inspiration, they’re uninviting, uninspiring and represent one of the biggest #fails in brand's’ digital being.

So how can websites start complimenting well-crafted campaigns and tell a compelling story? In this session, long-time Monks Jouke Vuurmans discuss the pressing issues currently holding.coms back.

The session covers the key topics of bridging the gap between Marketing and IT, combining sales (ROI) and stories (brand experience), and shifting focus from a brand's corporate home to an inspirational Flagship experience. Jouke also outlines why, like a great campaign, websites should be a source of pride and all about a mix of strong digital thinking and design, with campaign-quality content, a resourceful UX and IA and to top it off, a layer of A.I.

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Craft in Digital Production for Advertising - Jordi Romkema | Superhero Cheesecake

Working in the advertising industry usually means being inside of a high-pressure cooker. The constant stress of looming deadlines, fast-paced pragmatic decisions and a drive to make things too functional based on requirements from too many stakeholders can make a digital campaign turn bland, dull and uninspiring. It does not have to be that way. This talk will walk you through the pitfalls of digital production in advertising and how to tackle these to come up with inspiring and award-winning work.

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You're a Legend and Everyone Else Sucks - Japie Stoppelenburg | Dept

Working in the creative industry is like standing in a river of shit. Millennials are a wonderful group of talented people, but are also the absolute worst at being a professional creative person. So, if you work in the creative industry and you sometimes get frustrated by your colleagues, your clients, your office, or just your weird and talented brain? Then join this discussion lead by Creative Director - and Millennial - Japie Stoppelenburg who tells his story of frustration, desperation and ultimate peace.

His book will be available at New Dutch Wave!

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