The Netherlands is a resilient, progressive country that has continually used innovation to respond to the local and global challenges of the time. From creating our own land and keeping the sea at bay to establishing the first stock exchange and pioneering technologies such as WI-FI, Bluetooth, and lab-grown meat, the Dutch culture of innovation is impressive and well established. It serves a deep purpose to ensure that citizens are happy, safe, and free to develop their talents and explore what they are most passionate about.

The Dutch startup ecosystem is celebrated for its high degree of social and logistical connection with the rest of the world, the increasingly mature investment climate, and the extent to which Dutch startups tap into markets worldwide.

Three Dutch start-ups have been selected for the SXSW Pitch final. We invited them to talk about sustainability, inclusivity, and why they should win the SXSW Pitch.

Han Dirkx

Bart Nollen

Remco Veenbrink

Semra Çelebi