Thinking of Fashion and the Netherlands immediately conjures up an image of rain boots, bicycles and windswept hair. Both nationally and internationally, the Netherlands is not famous for having a very fruitful relationship with fashion. However, that image is completely untrue. If one country has contributed to the modernisation of fashion, it is the Netherlands.

The Dutch fashion industry is successful and one of the most accomplished within our creative industry. Dutch designers such as Iris van Herpen and Jan Taminiau have established an international career and Viktor & Rolf are famous all over the world.

The fashion industry is also heavily affected by COVID-19. In the whole chain of designers, retailers, suppliers, shop owners, and brands, everyone is involved. How can we transcend in a way that is a real step forward for the long term? In Amsterdam, we have the first Denim innovation campus in the world, we visited them to hear and see their vision for the future of fashion.

Mariette Hoitink

Matty Hofstede

Vince Reece Hale