Dutch Digital Design

Dutch Digital Design celebrates outstanding digital design from the Netherlands. The Dutch are known for creating distinctive digital work, building on an already world-famous tradition of Dutch design. We dare to experiment, innovate and push boundaries. Our no-nonsense and open-minded culture allows different cultures and disciplines to collaborate, and complement each other.

2020 has amplified issues like racial injustice, inequality, accessibility, and the climate crisis amidst a global pandemic. We need creativity, talent, and ideas to make this world a more humane and sustainable place for both people and the planet itself. In what ways can digital design contribute positively to a better world?

Together with Dutch Digital Design, we invited six Dutch Digital agencies to share their thoughts and relevant projects in line with the SXSW theme, ‘A new urgency’.

Amanda Boomstra

Nik Nieuwenhuis

Remco Dongor

Sebastiaan Scheer

Tijmen Mulder

Emily Hinks