Redefining the Ways How We Experience the World and Reaching Critical Mass with VR and AR

Monday, March 13

Between 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM

SENSIKS INTRODUCES SENSORY REALITY: Stimulating all senses in one well concerted experience.

speakers: Fred Galstaun (Sensiks), Paul Valk (TNO), Galit Ariel, Ola Björling (Mediamonks)

SENSIKS, an innovative start up from The Netherlands has created the Sensory Reality Pod (SRP) and announces its world introduction at the SXSW festival and exhibition in Austin Texas, March 12-15. The SRP is a modular, multi sensory, interactive experience cabin for professional and home use. It can be applied for health (care and cure), wellness, advertising and entertainment purposes. The SRP integrates (color) light, scent, temperature, wind, sound and vibration stimuli all programmed into well-orchestrated multi-sensory experiences. The SRP puts you right into an experience getting close to reality. It creates a rich sensory Immersive Mixed Reality with healing, relaxing and entertaining qualities.

In his keynote founder Fred Galstaun will elaborate on the added value of these senses to regular VR/AR experiences especially in the field of Cure & Care and the results they achieved in the joint research with Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen (Netherlands) for the medical potential of the SRP on various fields such as stress release, PTSD, Dementia, and elderly care.

Live Stream VR in Broadcast Quality The introduction of new head mounted displays for VR have created an increased demand for 360 and VR video content. Streaming 360 and VR content to VR devices remains an enormous challenge for broadcasters; the simultaneously demanding requirements on resolution, bandwidth and latency, such as 8k pixels per eye, 90 frames per second and below 20 ms motion-to-photon latency, have stimulated research and development into new capture and streaming methods. In this expert session, we consider requirements for high-quality VR video streaming and focus on a number of so-called viewport-adaptive streaming technologies that have recently emerged. - Paul Valk

Augmenting Alice - wonderlands within reach

Every once in a while, a technology comes along that changes things as we know them. Augmented Reality has the potential to usher in a new era, where our relationships with brands, content and technology redefine our reality. In her book and talk Galit explores Augmented Reality implementation context and effects; and the manner in which Augmented Reality diffusion would redefine core concepts related to identity, privacy, society and morality. - Galit Ariel

Ola Björling will give a talk on the way Mediamonks uses VR for their advertising campaigns and the challenges they had to face shooting and stitching the content. Mediamonks made VR campaigns for Etihad Airways (with Nicole Kidman as leading character), the new Toyota Prius prime, and Google’s Tango out of the Box mixed reality experience. At New Dutch Wave everyone gets the opportunity to experience all the recent VR work of this multiple award winning agency.

See their latest VR/AR showreel at

moderator: Mir Wermuth (iMMovator)