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Martijn Been

Martijn Been, Passionate. Enjoying life. Father. Partner. Traveller. Curious. In love with audacity. In pursuit of fun. Kale & Coconut aficionado and Chai Tea Latte enthusiast.

A platform creator. I love to design platforms that allow different disciplines; technology, storytelling, music, film, art, digital, the brand narrative and target audiences to converge.

We need to design impactful platforms that foster dialogue - a two way street - between companies and consumers. Platforms that spark intrinsic motivation and evoke reaction / action.

I firmly believe that today this is the only way to reach whom you would like to reach in a world where people are both deaf and blind for traditional marketing tactics. We need to be innovative in how and when we communicate with our target audiences.

Today we are in a place in time where the consumer does not care about your brand. They have literally zero loyalty for a product or service. So how do you differentiate? How do you make the conversation about you? How do you get awareness, create brand love and ultimately generate brand loyalty?

It is time to leave conventional thinking behind us and start designing platforms. Let's create a world together where people want to believe in. Want to 'be' in. Luckily it’s the golden age of digital where we can amplify a physical environment in the digital realm to ensure a far and wide reach and truly make it an interdisciplinary experience.

If this is what you're after... Let's have a chat, as together with a group of insanely creative experts in their field I can help you do that.

Martijn W. Been Born: in 1978 Rotterdam the Netherlands.

Strategic lateral thinker committed to excellence. Extensive marketing experience with international lifestyle brands. Specialization in live brand communication and (product) storytelling.

Passionate about driving strong brand equity through compelling content & experiential marketing strategies, powered and amplified through social media, PR and influencer marketing.

Type: roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and don’t leave until the job is done. Studied: Fine Arts in Tilburg (NL), Design & Interaction in The Hague (NL), Marketing in Amsterdam (NL) LinkedIn

Earlier Event: October 24
Later Event: October 27
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