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Doki Tops

Doki Tops is the founder of Utomik. Utomik Inc. is a USA and Dutch-based innovative startup founded in September 2014 by a highly experienced management team with over 70 years of combined game industry experience. The company’s new on-line PC gaming subscription service offers unlimited gaming for a fixed monthly fee. Its unique technology makes playing games as easy as listening to music on Spotify. Utomik powered games start in one easy click and continue to load to a user’s PC while they play. Utomik downloads a small part to disk, enough to start playing fast. The rest loads to the PC while playing. Get 100% original games, no video streaming.

Doki Tops is their ambitious and very inspiring CEO. A fanatic modder of Dune2 as an early teenager, continued this passion into the shooter era of Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Unreal, Quake3. This lead him to start loving game design and everything related to games. His dad supported this insane hobby with what little money he had; “I owe my gaming career to his keen insight, that apparently game development was the thing that could really motivate and invigorate me”.  In 2006 he finished college  and has since helped develop over 12 games, both entertainment & serious games for Top 500 companies and ran a Game technology company where he has done business with top publishers across the globe. In 2014 everything fell in place with his startup Utomik.

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