Monday 12/03

3:00pm – 5:00pm Meet the Dutch Changemakers! (Brought to you by Startup Delta)

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“Global challenges, blockchain enabled solutions, meet the Dutch changemakers!”

Hosted by Special Envoy for the Netherlands, HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje

  • 3pm – 4pm inspiring panel discussion moderated by Prince Constantijn, special envoy for startups
  • 4pm – 5pm Dutch startup showcase with curated matchmaking and serendipitous connects

Blockchain technology is poised to change the world of business, disrupting an array of industries including finance, healthcare, government, music, film, and more. The Netherlands is rapidly becoming a blockchain nation. Home to the world’s largest blockchain hackathon – attracting geeks, entrepreneurs, hot new startups city officials and large corporates. The Dutch government has launched more than 25 blockchain trials and Dutch banks, energy companies, pension funds and the Port of Rotterdam are all testing the digital ledger technology.

Blockchain activity and the use of blockchain as a force for good, is just one aspect of our world-class technology hub. We are excited to present a lineup of inspiring speakers and our Dutch Startup Showcase at the New Dutch Wave House at SXSW. Here’s what you can expect!

  1. Digital energy powering the globe, by Arash Aazami entrepreneur, system innovator and free thinker (
    The Internet of Energy, a world-wide digital energy exchange built upon blockchain, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, will soon connect users all over the world to an abundance of renewable resources, and to each other. The IoE is designed to unleash the potential of billions of people by alleviating energy poverty, democratizing the power to contribute to our global society. Arash Aazami of will bring you along on his dream of a world where every human being has access to clean energy, and his journey of bringing this dream to reality.
  2. Information technologies used to increase trust and freedom in our digital world, by Arthur Melissen, CTO of Storro (
    Storro is on a mission to create a more secure digital society. By using blockchain and peer-to-peer technology, they have developed the most secure way to share and store data. Now you can collaborate directly with partners, without the need to trust third parties.
  3. Marloes Pomp, Blockchain Dutch Government
    Marloes will share an overview of blockchain projects by the Dutch Government and the lessons learned so far. She will also talk about the approach and ambition of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. Marloes is the project leader of 30 blockchain projects within the Dutch Government and has done several rounds with pilots in the Netherlands. She is now helping the pilots reach the next level and building an international network with governments working on blockchain.

After a short break we will continue the program with a Dutch startup showcase. We invite you to come meet the innovators that are shaping the future of our cities, recruitment, e-commerce, sports tech, music, festival innovation, food, energy, video and music streaming.

About StartupDelta

StartupDelta is an independent, not for profit organization founded in 2015. With its unique connection to all layers of government, corporations, and the main innovation hubs in the Netherlands, it has effectively merged the Dutch startup ecosystem into one single connected hub, breaking down barriers and improving access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge, and markets. StartupDelta and its partners are on a mission to create the best innovation ecosystem in Europe in the Netherlands. Start, grow, and expand your business in this gateway to the rest of Europe.