New Dutch Wave x SXSW 2022!

It’s a wrap! The first New Dutch Wave at SXSW ‘in real life’ in three years is sadly over!

What a ride! The flying dutchmen ruled the waves and roamed the streets of Austin, re-connecting with the world at its biggest creative conference! Confirming first hand that SXSW has risen like the proverbial phoenix from the flames, and still is the go-to destination if you want to get a true glimpse of the future. 

An all-encompassing multifaceted program, urgent as ever. And above all, with a signature bandwidth of tracks and topics that ensures this truly unique cross-pollination of ideas and solutions, guaranteeing surprise, delight and serendipity. And all of this in de friendly, facilitating, funky and wonderfully weird city of Austin! What’s not to love?

What a treat to finally have this many ‘chance encounters’ again, something we missed so dearly during lockdown; new people, new opportunities, especially now, in a concerning time, where connection, togetherness, and solidarity seem like the most essential antidote…

New Dutch Wave solely exists to enable and facilitate Dutch creative and innovative entrepreneurs, innovators, institutions, change makers, and artists to get their story out there at SXSW, and this wild week made us realize again why we do this in the first place, a true honor to represent this beautiful and diverse gang!

Remember, you ARE the wave! Let’s take all the inspiration we gathered this week back home, stay in touch to share stories and results, and discuss how we should roll back into Texas the next few years, we are eager to get your feedback, and learn how we can improve the ride!

Let’s keep on making waves together!


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New Dutch Wave presents 
ambitious entrepreneurs to an 
international audience and embraces
 the continuous innovation that is so stereotypical for,- and lovely about,
 the creative industry. For this, NDW creates meeting points to connect like-minded people from all over the world.
Just as our immaculate inception with a new style trade mission to SXSW 2017, NDW does not go to a specific country, but it is present at places where these people do business.
NDW has helped to connect many businesses, artists and entrepreneurs on an international level and will continue to do so.