New Dutch Wave x SXSW 2022!

Howdy wavers,

In just a few months SXSW 2022 is taking place LIVE(!) in Austin again!

Our team at New Dutch Wave has been gearing up since this year’s NDW’tv virtual version, and we can’t wait to hit Texas soil again!However, as the world is resetting so are the targets and goals of our government. This has unfortunately caused some delay in our preparations. But, although at this point we don’t yet know the size of our mission, what we can say for sure is:

We are going to Texas! …and we hope you’ll ride the wave with us!

We’re creating a special NDW x SXSW tour program that will give you access to showcases, highlights, the networking drinks and connect you to people…well who you should connect to. Starting a small ripple that can lead to a wave is – in any scenario- a good start.

So……let us know if you are going, with whom, and if you want to join this made-to-measure program created by our team and partners and re-join the wave!

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New Dutch Wave presents 
ambitious entrepreneurs to an 
international audience and embraces
 the continuous innovation that is so stereotypical for,- and lovely about,
 the creative industry. For this, NDW creates meeting points to connect like-minded people from all over the world.
Just as our immaculate inception with a new style trade mission to SXSW 2017, NDW does not go to a specific country, but it is present at places where these people do business.
NDW has helped to connect many businesses, artists and entrepreneurs on an international level and will continue to do so.